Project situation: The objective of the project is to design and implement an information management system. It starts from April of 2015 and must be finished at the end of December in the same year. The project team is organized in two teams: management team and a team of subject area experts such as business consultant, software developer and tester etc.

Suppose you are engaged as a project manager leading the management team, which includes one business analyst and one chief architect. Both should support you in terms of business and technical topics in running the project.

This example includes the project plan for the management team and other supporting information such as holidays planned and action plans for each team member. The plan itself represents just the first cut in the planning session. Feel free to modify it and see what happened.

The project plan allows you to check the feasibility of the plan in terms of utilization planned for each team member and task scheduling. It is also possible to exploit plan alternatives, if required.

Please check out the following archive files and import them in the same sequence as indicated by the number after the prefix “Part”:

Filename / LinkSize
Part1_Staff Assignments.pmax10.21 Kb
Part2_Holiday plans.pmax87.31 Kb
Part3_Managing My Project.pmax158.63 Kb
Part4_Action plans.pmax383.62 Kb

HINT: Access code for the project staff is “start12”

If you do experience any problem during download, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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